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This is a lifestyle NOT JUST DOMINATION, immerse yourself in  an experience that will change your perspective and release your inner slut.

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Mistress Ava Black has so many wonderfull and sexy pictures. I am in heaven when I look at the pictures.
moneyidiot, findom slave
she turns this scared white boy into a total cumslut and totally sissified me
jimmy26, jimmy
CHRISTMAS HAS CAME EARLY!!! It was a pleasure to serve MistressAvaBlack and it sounds like she’s gunning for me to have a real time session!!! Lucky me 😉 Xxx
markovan, markovan
Mistress Ava is stunning with such an alluring voice, impossible to resist.
bosco, bosco
Wow!!! Truly amazing, thank you Mistress for an amazing session. Thank you for wearing the boots and I look forward to serving R/T
gimpboy, gimpboy
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Financial Dominatrix

Captured and expertly manipulated, extreme brain reconditioning from the wallet out.

Teamviewer, Tribute Games, Bankruptcy Fantasy

My desire is for you to desire me. Wholly, completely, selflessly, desperately. To realise that life never had any real meaning before I walked into it. Give in to your true nature. Be my paypig now.

Human ATM
Findom slave

Your name is inconsequential.
Your actions aren’t.

Chastity Mistress

Self control, self restraint, focus and dedication are what I desire within you.

Total Power Exchange is the Ideal

The male libido is like being chained to a madman.
To have a penis is to be chained to a madman.

Let me take that worry away. And lock it securely in a chastity device.

Find out more about my chastity keyholding service.

Discover how you can start to live a more defined life today.

Online or in person

Whether you are a newbie or experienced and know what you seek, I am available to see you.

I am available to respectful enquirers only

I am versatile, sensitive, and I listen.
I do this because I enjoy it.
But more than anything I care about each and every person I choose to interact with.
Beneficence and non-maleficence.
In all things to yourself be true. What we share remains between us. Your kink guide in the direction you choose to explore.

Talk to me now.