Since the very beginning I have been pursued by various slaves all with the same question: am I looking for a 24/7 slave? Or a personal slave? Or even a sex slave?

Can I make one thing clear – you have to be absolutely unique and oh so special for me to consider you as a regular Domestic or gardener or admin slave. I have a very different way of doing things and I expect a certain level of commitment as well as seriousness from someone who wants to be a part of my bigger picture.

For far too long I have been plagued by punters posing as slaves literally barking commands like petulant little children. Yes, we know you have a penis, and yes we know when that little button of yours starts to warm up you get very anxious and fidgety. But frankly my dear I don’t see how what goes on in your trousers is any of my concern? The only thing I want in all honesty is to lock your cock away for as long as possible so that all that nervous energy is focused towards something that better serves me. Just a fact.

I am not in the habit of doing things simply for the sake of doing what everyone else does. So don’t even come at me with statements like other Dommes have gladly used your services or you have served several Mistresses in the past year or whatever! Every part of who I am is unlike anything you have ever come across to date. Many people out there live their lives worrying how other people perceive them. I live my life for me.

[su_quote]I am selfish. I am a control freak. I am a perfectionist. I also want FULL CONTROL of you on top of the base commitment of your servitude. Which means that you will pursue me wherever I am around the world and fall to your knees. You will learn my life so well that if I had to take a sabbatical to a quiet island somewhere you would easily keep the online presence going. Flawlessly.[/su_quote]

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I demand more than the basic lip service commitment or seasonal affections that some of you are so wont to do. I also demand that you begin to realise that the simple laws and dynamics of the BDSM encounter follow some basic primal rules that you might not acknowledge. Men have a hunter instinct. Most of my clientele are men. Once the prey is captured, clever little man runs off with his prize, celebrates with his friends, and talks about his conquest. I am neither a conquest nor a prize. You will chase after me because it is in your nature to do so. You will hang onto my every word because you imagine how sweet that victory of bagging the most elusive of prey will be. You will fantasise about telling your friends and the concomitant accolades of your unparalleled bravado in the face of my acerbic wit. Your heart will race whenever you think of me. Your mind will be in a spin as you talk to me and realise just how ‘nice’ I am, how accommodating, how placid.

I am very composed. I am very calculating. I am very professional.

After all, why would I give away the harsh humiliation game for free? My lifelong interest has been in the Psychologies. I feel this is where my natural strengths and interests lie – untapping the human mind and learning more about why people do what they do. I have it as a natural gift. Even as a child I used to engage in people watching, and have done so most of my life. Then I went on and started gaining the qualifications to better learn how mankind has been studied over the years on an individual as well as a mass basis. Keep it simple. How one person thinks, as well as how groups of people think, nations, effecting mass change etc. Of course everything I am learning I am doing so to better advance my personal skill set in this game. After all, a large part of BDSM is untapping that which is so intrinsic and seldom shared and externalising it into an interaction or way of life. I’ve spent far too long professionally finding what is wrong with people and seeking to change it using a variety of behaviour modification techniques. Now all I want to do is to find what is wrong with people and use behaviour modification to enhance the deviance. After all life is so much sexier when I am holding the reigns…

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If you want to be my personal slave then this is what you will need to fulfil:

  1. Have engaged in no less than 4 hours online PAID conversation with me in a 30 day period. Alert me as to your intention to serve me as soon as you first contact me and I will structure our sessions accordingly.
    Be free and able to dedicate at least 5 hours a week exclusively to me. This can involve doing admin type work for me or other virtual duties. I will find out where you are most useful and delegate those tasks to you.
    3. Have set aside a budget of £3,000 per month as a running tribute to me paid out on the 1st of each month in advance. You will pay that using the tribute button on this site. I want dedication. I want devotion. But I also want a slave who understands that sacrifices must be made to satisfy your true Dominant. After all if I am your world then it should be no issue for you to deny yourself luxuries and serve a higher power.
    4. Have the ability to be honest and open to me. This will be hard for a lot of people. But I am very black and white in my approach to the world. I don’t do grey areas and denial. I want to know your good, your bad, your kinky, your filthy. Once I can get into your head more wholly I can deconstruct better the bigger picture so that I can help you towards a more meaningful blissful life in the clarity of your position in the D/s situation.
  2. Be ready for full disclosure. Of course I want to know who you are. I am very keen on maintaining your privacy and ask you do the same for any information we may share. Confidentiality assured. Even my right brain will not know what my left knows about you.
What you will get in return?

Oh don’t worry you will get something in return. I have my bitch moments but my personal slaves will be my babies…

  1. Access to me 24/7. Thankfully for you I’m an insomniac so I am available at odd hours sometimes. You will have my Skype ID as well as my telephone number. Do not abuse this privilege though. It is a privilege. I can just as easily ignore your calls if you turn into an obsessive frequent caller.
    2. I have a background in the Psychologies, as well as a lifelong obsession with studying people and behaviour. I am acutely tuned in to body language, and I love teasing out people’s personalities to get a better understanding of their desires. I will do this with you, and I will let you know what I pick up if these sorts of things interest you. My desire is to make my personal slaves more productive and successful in their lives so they are better able to serve me.
    3. As a personal slave you also have the opportunity to spend 2 days a month with me. How you choose to use this is completely up to you. This can be virtual or in real time. Your call. So whether it is to session, or to go out to dinner, sightseeing, to the theatre, take a trip, whatever, this is up to you. It is your time of undivided attention from Mistress and many possibilities are possible.

NB* I only ever want to have no more than 10 personal slaves at any given time. And of course the D/s chemistry has to be right or there’s no point.

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