I confess I have an obsession.

I love knowing that I turn my slaves on. Even within my modelling work I love knowing that when I am doing photoshoots the photographer or the videographer are desperately trying to conceal raging stiffies at the sight of my naked body and alluring eyes in front of them.

Part of the reason I have been so popular within my modelling is because my eyes are so expressive. Eyes are the windows to the soul. I am often asked what I think of in my photoshoots, because my images portray that extra special ‘something’ that just pulls the viewer in. I will tell you now. I am looking at the lens thinking of all those people who will be looking at this image. Innocent, editorial, glamour, fetish, artistic… Whatever. I am looking at that lens imagining how they are seeing me. How they are visualising my nudity. Or my curves, or how they must be wondering what my soft skin feels like, what those lips taste like, how my delicate scent fills the room.

Since naughty little boys think with their naughty little willies I love using their sexual desire against them. I love breaking them down in a mental bootcamp until they are my willing blank canvases so I can begin painting the perfect slave on it. It always surprises me just how attentive men become once you take away their ability to wank!

My desires in this realm have grown and flourished so much so that I have a keen desire to contain and control every aspect of the male libido and chain that energy for a better purpose. Maybe you watch too much porn and can’t stop yourself from wanking furiously several times a day? Maybe you are self-neglecting, or neglecting the needs of your partner in favour of indulging in porn? Maybe you wish to make the choice to become more focused as a resolution to yourself. And you know you think about sex too much to be able to do much with it hanging over your head… Ladies, maybe you and your partner/husband want to explore the new depths that chastity can immerse you in? After all, wouldn’t you want to know that when he is not focused on work, all he can think about is you! Maybe because you have the keys to his device in your pocket, or he has dedicated that day’s abstinence to you…

Whatever your desires and attraction in the world of chastity I would love to get talking to you on this and more. I can guide you into exploring whether this is a viable route for you to travel down. Meet with me on Skype and we can discuss your attraction to the lifestyle as well as begin to signpost you towards activities that you can begin to try out immediately.

Alternatively I have a service for chastity keyholding. I love chastity and tease and denial play! You will be hard pressed to find another Domme who will push your sexual resistance limits as much as I do. I love to use my body to tease. And my wicked analytical mind loves digging deeper to get to the core of what turns you on and how exactly. All of this to one end: to make you my willing limerent slave who desires and obeys. You will be amazed how quickly I will turn your erratic fleeting attentions into focused dedication to my instructions, shaping and moulding you into the most efficient and productive version of yourself. I have an excellent command of English which means even just the slightest hint of suggestion or double entendre can send your pulse racing. Imagine my soft dulcet tones whispering of passions abandoned; of giddy moments of reckless physical release as you submit to your body’s desires. Knowing that the slightest sensation, smell or taste can send your mind spinning back into a raging sweaty moment of desire. Desperate you will be to unleash, but no mercy will be granted. For you will be locked away safe in your cage unable to be released.

You see, it really does not matter where you are. The mind is a very powerful thing. I see my chastity play slaves either in real time or via webcam. I love to keep them close to hand, becoming their friend, their confidante, their supercool down-to-earth friend. But my only aim is to grow my army of devotees who have only one true desire – to follow my commands. It is very true that once you remove one sense you enhance another. Removing or attempting to remove the sexual urge is much much harder. Everything is heightened. And I will ensure you remain dangling precariously over the edge while I weave my delicate web around you, lulling you to sleep with my sirensong so you forget the world awhile.

Email me on ava@strictblackmistress.com today to make a preliminary application. When emailing use the subject: Keyholding Application.

*Keyholding Fee has a one-time submission fee of £500 for 6 weeks with lower subsequent payments.
Skype sessions are £200 per hour for consultations.
Please enquire at the time of making your application*