I love extended sessions, as they give me the opportunity to get deep inside my slaves’ minds and mindfuck them until they let go and embrace sub space. My engagement style I am now offering extended Domination sessions at my home in North Kent.

Maybe this is you:
[su_quote]- you do not want to session from a Dungeon.
– your particular kink interests do not necessarily need the acoutrements found in the average Dungeon.
– maybe you live in Kent – and like me – are fed up of making the long trek to London to get your freak on. Never mind; the fact is that I am international but very local to you. And just as acerbic whilst in North Kent as I am whilst travelling across Europe.
– You might even just really enjoy the domestic setting and the realism that this offers for whatever reason. My house is a cosy family home that is an inviting escape from the worries of the world.[/su_quote]

As with all things with me though there are conditions to my offering these sessions. And, as I am a very private person, these sessions will only be open to true submissives with true interests in these areas:

Extended Sessions of 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs upwards.
The particulars of the sessions are very diverse, so please feel free to submit your respectful enquiry to ava@strictblackmistress.com
The worst I could say is no right?

For your information:
My home is approximately
– 60 mins drive from Central London.
– 60 mins drive from Gatwick airport
– 90 mins drive from Heathrow airport
– 20 mins from Maidstone
– and 30 mins from Canterbury

Conditions of Booking these sessions

1) All payments for sessions are made in advance. No exceptions.
2) I reserve the right at all times to refuse to session with you. Possible reasons; you’re an uncontrollable horndog with no respect for me, you are creepy, you’re trying to haggle even this great offer, our personalities clash…
3) You are aware and accept that the session will take place in a Domestic environment and not a fully equipped Dungeon. If you have your own toys that you would like me to use then by all means bring these along with you.
4) I have very few hard limits when it comes to BDSM play. I am also a keen role play enthusiast. My expertise ranges from traditional spanking and discipline, interrogation, a wide range of BDSM activities, right up to humiliation and financial Domination. In short, I enjoy power play and power exchange and am skilled enough to be able to flit between fetishes effortlessly in my aim to untap you more fully.
5) You must allow enough notice to ensure I can accommodate our sessions. This is especially for sessions longer than 48hrs.
6) All extended sessions are a minimum of 24 hours. That is, a full day and night. So if you arrive at 12 noon you stay until 12 noon the following day.
7) Sessions are priced as follows:
– 24hrs for £2000
– 48hrs for £2500
– 72hrs for £3500
– 96hrs for £4500
– 120hrs for £5500
Each 24hrs afterwards for £1000.
If you have any questions then do enquire with me for full pricing details.
8) During the stay you will sleep either in my spare bedroom, or on the floor in my room. My room in case I’m too lazy to make it to the loo.

The benefits of these domestic sessions
– I can see you outside of my normal working hours of Mon – Fri 10am to 5pm.
– The session is much cheaper for you as I do not have to hire a Dungeon.
– There is free parking outside my house at all times. No extra charge.
– My neighbourhood is quiet and friendly. Maybe my neighbours are wise to what I do, maybe not. Either way, you can still slip in and out without the curtain twitchers raising a fuss.
– You get the real me at home. Up close and very personal. And very stern.

This is NOT a freebie option for the multitudes of slaves who are already wet thinking they will finally get to irritate me while they pretend to be propositioning me for the position of personal slave. All while demanding I wear their favourite outfits and spout naughty words at them. It is not that. I have opened myself up to this option as my personal kink experiences have evolved, and I would like to share this side of me with real submissives wishing for escapism in a secure, non-judgmental environment.

So, if this interests you then I would love to hear from you!