Those of you who have visited this page will be in search of financial domination, financial enslavement, financial servitude, and to become true slaves to a Dominant Black female.

You are in the right place!

I love spending!

Recklessly splashing your hard-earned cash on my expensive habits while you slave away to prop up my lifestyle!

Read more ABOUT ME if you want to learn how you can make my life more comfortable.

If you are lucky you may even get to take me shopping.

If you take me shopping you will get the chance to spend on me while I go crazy in the shops!

Before you waste my mental energy with silly questions I want you to read the information below most carefully!!!

Remember that time is a finite resource, and I choose to spend my time very carefully in the pursuit of things that are either relaxing or rewarding only.

If you are not giving me money or making me money then I want no part of your attention.

I will NOT respond to your emails if you ask something I have covered on this page already. You will also most likely find yourself in my personal blacklist or temporarily suspended for wasting my time and at the very least being illiterate.

There are many barriers to gaining an audience with me. Largest of these is time. My time is most precious to me, and you must be exceptional – not to mention persistent – to be able to cut a sliver into my economy of time. I’d rather spend my time staring at a braindead movie instead of talking to a vortex needy slave who believes all Dommes were placed on this earth to chat for hours in friendzone time. No charge of course.

What I do is a job.

Yes, I do live the fetish lifestyle.

But if you have found me as Ava Black then chances are that on some level, at least initially, you will engage with me on a transactional basis only.

Time is money.

I’m not in the habit of ‘hanging out’ online endlessly like many of the insta-Dommes you will encounter.

I am not in the habit of dancing to your tune in the hope that you will give me more money, be more generous blah blah blah…

If that is you then you want to be a sugar-daddy, not a findom slave.

The term slave should give you an indicator of the dynamic at play here.

If you are not sure whether you are the kind of slave that I am looking for then please do take a moment to take my Quiz and answer the question for yourself.

If you are still here then listen up. There are things that do occasionally make me stop and listen.

I love subservient men! Men who truly know their place. At my feet and attentive to my every word.

I love a man who realises this; certain women were placed on this earth to be worshipped. Some women capture your imagination and never let go. Despite your best efforts to disconnect. I am one of those woman. Not to be cocky or arrogant. But I know it. You know it. A throng of suitors (vanilla and kinky) are evidence of this.

I am often asked what turns me on, what makes me hot under my collar. The short answer is MONEY! I am never happier than when I have a fat wad of money in my hands. The pursuit of it, the acquisition of it, the texture, the smell, the look! Every single part of having money is a huge turn on for me!

I have grown accustomed to being showered with gifts and signs of devotion from men. I thoroughly enjoy this, and my beady little eyes are always looking for the next thing to make them smile. So while you are looking at my tits and thinking how hot I am all I’m looking at is your wallet. Get used to it! I have so many mesmerised admirers on tap that even if you made a stance to give me the silent treatment I’d probably never even know it had happened! If you can’t handle that then you can keep bottom feeding with all your bottom feeder buddies! Good luck with that lol!

Isn’t  it just such a shame how obsessed you are with me? How you are popping back and forth from site to site looking for Ava Black? Don’t think I don’t see it; ava black free pics,, ava black findom, ava black goddess worship, ava black naked…. My tracking shows me… Obsessed, obsessed, obsessed. Who can blame you? There’s plenty to drool over, and even the fools who have experienced my spotlight for a fleeting moment are still panting at my doorstep for more! So even as you look at my innocent brown eyes, and my perfectly shaped sweetheart face, and you are wondering how do I do this to you; you are craving just one more fix of all of this!

Save yourself the obsession… If you are a good boy you might get rewarded for your persistence. But there are rules…

Occasionally I will also take on more serious financial slaves, who I will monitor, mentor, and torment regularly. Demands placed on these slaves at the very least include pledging a TITHE of their earnings to me, their most Supreme Goddess, as well as working tirelessly to make my life more comfortable and entertaining. I imagine by this point you have done your homework on who I am, what I do,  as well as where I am so you will realise there is always a slot for you in my world somewhere. I dream of a stable of willing slaves, intelligent and subservient, ready to do my bidding all over the world. That is top of my bucket list. It will happen.
Now I accept that for some your desire might be strong but your wallet is weak. That is why I have a training programme in place for you.

You may tribute me regularly and notify me of such. The more you tribute the more likely it is that I will acknowledge your existence. It is a big step to make a commitment to something and then stick with it. I am worth it.

If you have acted in a way that is pleasing to me I may invite you to submit an application for financial servitude. When you do so I will require details of previous tributes and gifts you have sent to me. I will also require your personal details and pertinent information such as telephone numbers and email address to get a hold of you. I also want you to tell me something that noone else knows about you. Something I can keep in my little bag of blackmail tricks. Just in case you change your crafty little mind. Or the last fragment of your spine disintegrates and you go running for the hills.

My affections are harder to get than my punishments. Let’s play a game and see which one you’re going to get shall we?

*Your pain is my pleasure*

There are always things that I enjoy receiving from my findom slaves. These are:

– Selfridges Gift Cards

– Amazon Gift Cards

– (use email address


*NB* Please send all physical vouchers and gifts to:


Add: 339

         19 – 21 Crawford Street