I LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!!!!!
I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I love jumping into aeroplanes and jetting off to different locations around the world.
I love my city breaks, I love my holidays off the beaten path, and I just love discovering new cultures and ways of life.
Thanks to the beauty of modern technology you can now make yourself useful and fund a trip aboard for me.
Maybe you want to accompany me on this trip as my personalised human cashpoint? Or you want to show me your city as my personal tour guide?
Whatever it is the possibilities are quite literally endless.
I am available to travel around Europe with short notice. Further afield requires a bit more planning.
If you want to sponsor my trip then be prepared to pay the full flight and accommodation fee for myself in advance and have provided me evidence of it! I will not even bat an eyelid until you have paid this, and if you can’t afford it then you’re fucking useless ain’t yer love!

Anyway, when you do make the bookings this is what you will need to do:

[su_quote]- Buy an airline voucher to the value of the trip and send it to me.

– Or send me the cash equivalent for the cost of the trip. I also require the full hotel fee for the duration of my stay there.

– During the trip you are responsible for my welfare. That means meals, drinks, outings, even tours round your lovely city.

– I also require a daily shopping allowance.
Or if you are not flying me out to meet you you just want to send me a gift voucher from the airline? Either way you can send me vouchers from any of the following.

Emirates *My airline of choice. Send tributes towards this*
Marriott e-vouchers
Qatar Airways
Virgin Atlantic

You can either email the vouchers to ava@strictblackmistress.com

or post the vouchers to
Suite 339
19 – 21 Crawford Street