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About avablack

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So far avablack has created 335 blog entries.

So the site has been down for a while, here’s why

Hello all You might have noticed over the last couple of weeks that the site has been down intermittently and you might have been wondering what's been going on? First of all don't worry too much! I'm here, and definitely not going anywhere for a hot minute! I've been upgrading servers to better suit the

Donate to my Patreon erotica audio files project

It's been a while since I blogged, and as you know I have been deliciously busy finishing off the 1,000 clip challenge and visiting my pets worldwide. I've also been working on an audio erotica project that you can fund through my Patreon page. Remember I am as always still available for outcalls to Europe

Video Update: I have all this cute underwear for you to wear sissy

Come here sissy pet... I have a special something for you to wear while you serve me... Something frilly and so very girly, innocent and virginal. Of course its in white, what else? Only the best will do for my little sissy bitch. And I can't wait to see how subby you get once you

Video Update: Jailbait

Mmm ain't you a pretty one? All delicate looking but still with that strong man jaw about you! I bet you like to play dress up with Mistress don't you? I bet if I pull out some girly outfits you will be the happiest little thang there is! Well you know what let me just

Video update: Penis? All I see is a pussy

Oh my goodness! Every time I hear from you it makes me smile. You seriously should be a stand-up comedian, because every time you drop your pants it's like the biggest joke EVER! That pathetic skin tag nestled between your thighs, shooting straight up like a bullet. You're always ready for action aint yer boi!

The Estate Agent 2: Shoe worship and forced exercise

The Estate Agent is well and truly fucked up now! Now that Mistress has him exactly where she wants she is going to make sure she intensifies his training! She's not going to let this little gem get away too easily! So he is subjected to a face slapping and harsh degradation! The spit ball

The Estate Agent 1: The Viewing

The estate agent is called to conduct a viewing for a mysterious lady in a quiet residential area of London. He doesn't know much except that she is looking for a quiet house where the neighbours won't be an issue. He thinks this is amusing, but of course in his line of work odd things

Video Update: Recruited for your special set of skills

We have been watching you, we have been monitoring your online activity. We have discovered that you have been watching a lot of gay porn, shemale porn, and hung gay guys. We figure this makes you the prime candidate to carry out this covert mission for us. We have a target that has proven very

Video Update: The Bedroom handjob challenge

I love my chastity boys! And as you will know when it comes time to session with me I normally request slaves to stay in chastity for a few days prior. This slave boi had been procrastinating on a session with me for 1 month! Needless to say I told him to keep that white

Video Update: All natural Goddess

Worship your all natural Goddess in this visual feast for hairy armpits and hair women lovers x All Natural Goddess