And what a beautiful Friday it is looking like already…

I was sitting at home sifting through all the stuff that I have done over the last coupla years…

As you might know I have been filming now since August 2010. So that is now 2 WHOLE YEARS! since I started… It has been a journey and a half. I have learnt loads about myself in those 2 years, and have also hopefully grown in terms of what I am doing (HOPEFULLY). Some of the footage from the early days was totally Blair Witch scary. And some of the stuff has been hit and miss… But I appreciate everyone who has hung in there; contributed ideas and scripts, and obliged me when I have experimented with stuff.

So I put together some of the things that has never been seen before.

In my behind the scenes video I have put up some stuff that has never been seen before. As well as what happens after we yell cut! Or sometimes before… I love to play even though I have a wickedly sinful side. And in this clip you will see a bit of what my video slaves see.

In the bloopers video is – more embarrassingly – when things go wrong. From outtakes, slip-ups, trip-ups, and just general mess-ups… This one was super fun and funny 🙂

Hope you enjoy them. Keep a kinky eye out! And enjoy the double weekend updates x