It’s that time again!

I have to change around my filming suite and upgrade to a super HD experience so you can see my gorgeous brown curves and luscious red lips even clearer while I instruct and control you.

You know this page right?

If in doubt fill in that form and I will get back to you.

But what I do want right now is this!

2 HD camcorders at £2,000 each

Apple iMac with bang up accessories  – £3,176

5 different backdrops @£100 each

Total – £7,676

Start by sending what you have in that card right now to

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In fact if you want to be REALLY useful then click on this button. In fact use that several times why not?

  $500 tribute

Guess who’s not going drinking tonight?

TGIF muthafukka!!!!

Isn’t it a special feeling knowing that your luxuries are controlled and only approved by me?