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Findom get me these things!

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Get the lube out! The Mistress Ava Black site sale starts tomorrow!

With just under ten hours to go before the Mistress Ava Black site sale starts, we hope you are getting yourself ready for the bombardment of fresh savings that you can find only on here! At least 90% of the image sets hosted through this site cannot be found ANYWHERE else on the internet! You

Site sale starts soon!

Just 2 more days to go... What better way to start your April? No April fool's prank! To celebrate our first month officially back online we are having a massive site sale on image sets and audio files! The average saving is at least 20% with some image sets going for as little as £1.99!!!!

Real time meets for money pigs London Monday November 10th

Bitches! I'm back Just when your bitch arses thought you could catch an unregulated fart without my permission huh? Now did you really think I would let you off that easily!?!?!? Here piggy piggy piggy. All you money pigs need to get here now! I fucking loved Thailand! Fuck me Sally!!!! I need to relocate. Some

Human ATM meets in London on September 2nd 2014

I am going to be coming into London on the 2nd of September and will be available for human ATM meets and rinsing sessions with slaves. I want to go shopping so guess who’s going to fund all that! And you still belong under my round black ass! If you can’t make it to London

My new computer still needs buying bitches!

Our total so far is: MC - £300 MS - £100 LM - £150 Total = £550 The target is £2981 so we still need £2,431 to get to my baby... The target:  There are also packages involved for tributes sent. You can do the conversion into dollars whatever. But you need to email me

Take a bite out of this apple

The countdown to Dubai begins! But I know that when I come back I have a lot of hard work to do. When I get back I want y'all bitches to dig deep and contribute to my new baby! I have already raised £550 from pinning down 2 bitches and making them squeal in the

Buy me latex outfits bitches

Bitch boy! I am having a beautiful weekend. And as always I am enjoying browsing my favourite stores and lusting after some gorgeous sexy stuff on there. I want a whole bunch of stuff off Westward Bound in latex and I want you to pull some cash outta your wallet and contribute to my new

Dubai shopping spree tributes being accepted now

Yo fuckers! I'm going to Dubai in a fortnight! Last time I was there I had the most unbelievable time EVER!!! From the shopping sprees to long lazy days sleeping and being pampered, followed by sunsets in the sea before having relaxing evenings enjoying delicious organic food. The sheer wastefulness and spend spend spend culture

Spa massage package on you!

Bitch boy! You have been looking far too comfortable for my liking lately. Sure, I have been busy rushing round doing my thing with other more deserving slaves online. Ignoring slaves on Niteflirt, humiliating pathetic losers on Adultwork webchat, and ruining losers like you! But you have been getting very comfortable enjoying life while the

I’m bored – play this game to entertain me

Entertain me slave! You will need: - Your camera to take selfies - Your credit card - This link: http://mistressavablack.clipvia.com/tribute   The game: 1. Strip down naked. 2. Find a clear spot  in the middle of the room. 3. Spin around in a circle really fast 10 times. 4. Send a tribute of $100. 5.