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Findom gifts and tributes

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Things that slaves have bought Mistress Ava Black

Money makes me cum! I love getting cash from slaves

Soooo…. yesterday I got a call yesterday from a  sweet li’l slave of mine. He has been going through a whole bunch of stuff lately so we’d agreed to let him take a break while he sorted his life out. But then he just told me that personal issues are now resolved and he is

Human ATM meets in London on September 2nd 2014

I am going to be coming into London on the 2nd of September and will be available for human ATM meets and rinsing sessions with slaves. I want to go shopping so guess who’s going to fund all that! And you still belong under my round black ass! If you can’t make it to London

Take a bite out of this apple

The countdown to Dubai begins! But I know that when I come back I have a lot of hard work to do. When I get back I want y'all bitches to dig deep and contribute to my new baby! I have already raised £550 from pinning down 2 bitches and making them squeal in the

Dubai shopping spree tributes being accepted now

Yo fuckers! I'm going to Dubai in a fortnight! Last time I was there I had the most unbelievable time EVER!!! From the shopping sprees to long lazy days sleeping and being pampered, followed by sunsets in the sea before having relaxing evenings enjoying delicious organic food. The sheer wastefulness and spend spend spend culture

I’m bored – play this game to entertain me

Entertain me slave! You will need: - Your camera to take selfies - Your credit card - This link: http://mistressavablack.clipvia.com/tribute   The game: 1. Strip down naked. 2. Find a clear spot  in the middle of the room. 3. Spin around in a circle really fast 10 times. 4. Send a tribute of $100. 5.

Buy my new filming suite – full list enclosed

It's that time again! I have to change around my filming suite and upgrade to a super HD experience so you can see my gorgeous brown curves and luscious red lips even clearer while I instruct and control you. You know this page right? If in doubt fill in that form and I will get

Europe Asia and Africa tour dates losers!

Gosh you fools don't think unless I shove a stick up your arse do you? Well take a look, here's the stick! I'm on tour this year. These are my tour dates. Look at this list and see if I'm going to be anywhere near you: June 11 and 12 – Manchester June 23 and

Have you tributed your Money Mistress today?

 So basically you dumb shits have been sitting around perving on my fine-ness for no shit all week huh!?!?!?! I’m guessing by now you will have seen a massive rise in the number of images and videos of me that are going online now. Hahahahahah!!!!! My Clips4Sale has over 1,000 videos. Then I also have

Tribute your Mistress money baby

Cheer your Mistress up and get me something for my birthday this month. The slave who gets me the best pressie gets a special call and ‘something’ something from me…..     Or send me a tribute!  

December 2013 and closing the year on a high with goodies goodies goodies!!!!

The full post and details of what these gifts are is under Stuff you already bought in December 2013 so go on over there and have a look. And then when you’ve had a look fucking buy something from my wishlist!!!!!     Or send me a tribute!