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Humiliating Tasks

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Your Mistress needs you – and your small cock

Do you have a small cock? Do you get sneezed out more often than not? Does your small cock really require an extra small condom? Do you suffer from small cock syndrome (*where everything is much bigger than you*) If you have answered yes to the questions above then you are perfect! Mistress Ava Black

Humiliating tasks sets now on sale

Boi! Hope you are sitting uncomfortably! I'm sure you realise that there are a few changes happening on this site recently. Basically, my evil mind has been conjuring up new uncomfortable plans to whip you into perfect slave shape for me for the summer. When it comes, might I add lol! You know that I

Humiliation task 12 – the ass cracker

You do realise that the only interest I hold in you is for you to humiliate yourself and reshape yourself to my version of amusing don't you? Nothing you could do could begin to make you a man in my eyes.   In fact all you can ever hope to be is an oddity that

Humiliation Task 10

Email: ava@strictblackmistress.com Subject: Humiliation 10 I want you to go into a public toilet. At work, at the gym, or anywhere real public. You shameless slut! Take a video, on your phone or camcorder whatever. Of you beating off very loudly in the cubicle. Cumshots an added bonus. I want your bitch arse screaming my

Humiliation Task 9

Email: ava@strictblackmistress.com Subject: Humiliation 9 It’s my birthday this month bitches! So I want a pressie from you! This is a freestyle humiliation so the best idiot wins. Show me something special for my birthday. Clips, pics, videos, poems, whatever. It’s my birthday so make it count. A’ight!

Humiliation Task 8

Email: ava@strictblackmistress.com Subject: Humiliation 8 Happy fucking new year fucker! I want you to go and get the hottest chillies you can find in your local grocers. Come home and take a video of yourself eating one raw. Post it on youtube. Send me a link. The most hardcore looking vid wins. And no fucking

Humiliation Task 7

Email: ava@strictblackmistress.com Subject: Humiliation 7 I like my apple bottom hunnies! I am sure you’ve been stroking off all day to my sexy ass shaking videos online haven’t you! Well now its my turn, fucking seduce me fucktards! I want you to go and get your sexiest freakum outfit on and slap that shit on!

Humiliation Task 5

Email: ava@strictblackmistress.com Subject: Humiliation 5 Small cock competition. So I hear that some of you losers are rolling round with teeny tiny todgers that are little more than over-developed clits. I know female bodybuilders who have bigger cocks than  you! Who has the smallest penis? Let’s find out shall we? First of I want you

Humiliation Task 4

Email: ava@strictblackmistress.com Subject: Humiliation 4 You will need either a friend or a camcorder on a tripod for this one. Go outside wearing your boxer shorts or briefs. I want a minimum 5 minute clip!!! I want you to dance on the side of the road for a minimum of 5 minutes. Impress me! The

Humiliation Task 3

Only if you have twitter!             Tweet this message exactly as it reads. That means copy and paste bitch! “I would suck the gayest cock if @missavablack told me to. I am a closet homosexual!"