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Humiliating Tasks

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Humiliation Task 2

Email add: ava@strictblackmistress.com Send this to me with the subject heading Humiliation 2 Eat your greens! I want you to go and buy a cucumber. Or aubergine. Or celery stick. And shove that up your arse! Don’t forget to write Ava and Black on either cheek so I know you did it just for me!

Humiliation Task Number 1

I’m bored. Entertain me   I want you to get a pair of frilly very girly knickers (lingerie to the illiterate) and put them on. Write on your stomach “Ava Black" Take a picture. Send it to me. Subject: Humiliation 1. Do it now.

Humiliating Tasks Instructions

Ok, so every once in a while I get slaves who contact me - buzzing about like the incessantly irritating pests that they are - wanting to attract my attention. Sodding irritating! You know who you are! You have no discernible skill, you have no disposable funds to pamper me! And you certainly have no