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Mistress Ava Black Blog

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So the site has been down for a while, here’s why

Hello all You might have noticed over the last couple of weeks that the site has been down intermittently and you might have been wondering what's been going on? First of all don't worry too much! I'm here, and definitely not going anywhere for a hot minute! I've been upgrading servers to better suit the

Donate to my Patreon erotica audio files project

It's been a while since I blogged, and as you know I have been deliciously busy finishing off the 1,000 clip challenge and visiting my pets worldwide. I've also been working on an audio erotica project that you can fund through my Patreon page. Remember I am as always still available for outcalls to Europe

This video made me laugh so hard!

  did you know a slave could cum to the sound of my voice? Click on the text above to see the video. I am always amazed by the power my voice hasĀ over slaves, but as you can see from this video this slave needed nothing more than a YouTube update to get him going

Video Update: Ballbusting POV week 4

The Grand Finale! First things first, today you get to come out of chastity and you can release. Shoot your load that is... But before you start reaching for the lube you need to pay attention to my instructions. Because I want you to do something for me first. I have a stunt cock here

Video Update: Ballbusting POV week 3

It's getting HOT in here! Mmm, so I am guessing not being able to touch that willie of yours is starting to make your dangly bits pulse on an almost constant basis huh? Oh shame.... If you thought life was 'hard' then today you are going to literally burst out of your boxers! Because this

Video Update: Ballbusting POV week 2

A tailormade castration Week 2 is here! And a sight earlier than you thought it was going to be. After all I should never be blamed for letting you get too comfortable now should I? I want you to take a look at my gorgeous PVC boots. You like them don't you? Mmmm, I bet

Video Update: Black Jacked

Mistress Ava Black and Master Black Man Pole are on hand as the sadistic duo dishing out your fate in this deviant game of black jack. The rules are changed, the basics are the same but with an evil twist. Each deck holds a different punishment, and the numbers denote the frequency. Will you endure

A humiliating task put a smile on Mistress’s face

is what this sissy sent along to me. I do love humiliating task submissions. And this one has been sitting on my desktop for a hot minute. Thought I should share it with you. Now, sissy wannabes, no drooling. If you want to send me your submission to show just how transformed you can be

Private spanking parties begin in April 2016

These spanking parties will be a treat for caning and spanking enthusiasts! I am sure you will remember 'The Heavy Jugs Challenge video from my Clips4Sale store? Well, on that day we filmed in an unbelievably amazing location here in the South East! So good in fact that I have to come back over and

January 20th femdom filming shoot in military fort

Happy New Year sluts and losers! On the 20th of January we have our first Femdom filming shoot of the year. This will be a sign of good and kinky times to come, as we will be filming in a military fort set in about one hundred (*100*) acres of land. It is easily accessible