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Mistress Ava Black Blog

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Video Update: fag hag cocksucking bitch!

This is the fate that lies in wait for you if you do not do as Mistress instructs! You will find yourself dressed up in sissy clothing and on your knees sucking my cock! All this before I tear you a new man-gina! You have been warned... Fag hag/Cocksucking bitch!

Video Update: the best pussy you’ll never have!

Say hello to my golden pussy! The pussy that keeps you awake at night. Look into my gorgeous eyes as I slowly tease and stroke all the parts of me that I know you love so well. You want to see this don't you? You want to be right up close to me? But you're

Video Update: the size test

You know I'm a size Queen right? This little game is for you boys who think your penis might be slightly satisfying to a size queen like me. Or even if you are tiny and you know it... I want you to measure up your cock against what you think would be an adequate size

Video Update: Jerk Off!

My little jerk off! Today you get to cum... No lies, no game playing.... I just have a very specific way in which I want you to do it though... I find it amusing when you follow my exact instructions... And if you're a good boi then you get the most explosive orgasm you have

Video Update: Putting the sissy’s tongue to good use!

Mistress trains her sissy crossdressing slut's tongue efficiently by making her lick and worship every inch of her catsuit body. Putting her in a powerful headscissors also encourages her to do a good job! Putting the sissy's tongue to good use!

Video Update: Your wife pimped your ass out to other men – FOR SHOES!

Tsk tsk tsk.... such a shame... We always knew your wife had a serious spending habit, but I guess she neglected to tell you. All about those shopping sprees, the designer handbags and shoes that she loves to wear so much! And you believed that she was wearing knock-offs?!?!? Wow! You must be the dumbest

Video Update: sit on my fat cock!

No preparation, no warm up. This clip is Mistress Ava Black dishing out a 12 inch cock to a hungry slave's arse with no warmup or spreading prior! DELICIOUS! Sit on my fat cock!

Video Update: spanking Mr Yankovitch part 2

Part 2 and the wanker client gets more paddling. He is then subjected to an intense caning by his Drs, and then it's time to get the strap out for that bottom of his!. One thing's for sure! He won't be able to sit still long enough to touch that cock! Spanking Mr Yankovitch -

Video Update: spanking Mr Yankovitch part 1

Part 1 of a 2 part series. Mr Yankovitch has returned for his therapy session with Dr Ava Spanks. This time she sees him with Miss Summer. He had originally reported due to his desires to masturbate frequently. At the last appointment he had agreed to enter into chastity to try and curb his masturbation

Video Update: Mistress Summer teaches sissy how to walk

Mistress Summer teaches sissy how to walk in her heels for her Mistresses. Then she must learn how to swing her hips and belly dance for their amusement... Having done as she was told she is rewarded with a little treat from Mistress Summer. Mistress Summer teaches sissy how to walk