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slaves obeying their mistress

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The curious case of the shrunken penis – humiliating task submission

In times of great stress it is not uncommon for you to make a hasty retreat to a place of safety. What I would like to know is whether this cock was scared by something? Because it seemed to have made a hasty retreat into its owner's body. Seriously! This humiliating task musta been an

slave fucks his arse with a toilet brush – humiliating task submission

I wish I could show you the video. Really, I do. But I cannot. So there is no point being upset about it. But I will tell you. In this humiliating task submission from a very lovely and courageous slave we observe the slave walk up to a toilet brush and holder with a bit

Loser cock needs a new holster!

You know, with certain size of penis you honestly hope that the guy has a good personality. Because that would be about the only thing that would make a woman wanna stay with him. That, and pots of cash. But where the latter doesn't exist a personality helps. For this guy's sake I sure as

Cute in the face but small in the cock – humiliating task submission

Before I share today's humiliating task submission let me tell you a story. Not so long ago when I first started dating with sex involved I met a lovely English guy. He had a banging body, and the most unbelievably green sexy eyes. Seriously cheeky look that did all sorts of things to my nether

Oompa bloompa crossdressing submission

Can you tell me you read this title without suddenly finding yourself singing the tune in your head? That is, if you watched the movie of course lol. As soon as I saw this unfortunate tent on the unfortunate blob tears welled up in my eyes. So sweet to see the effort this slave took

Smallest penis on the block – humiliating task submission

So, this was another contender for the small penis of the year award. And he very nicely spread his bed and got bedcovers that match the colour of his pasty penis. Then dear boyoh went right ahead and worked out what angles would work best for his submission to the humiliating task assignment. He must

Corporate drag queen? Who knows?!? Fail! Humiliating task submission

Kudos. To submitting so many pictures for my consideration. Kudos. For taking the time out to find a bunch of different looks for the sissy humiliating task assignment. Kudos. For managing to tuck the giblets sufficiently out of view that I wouldn't throw up all over my granola breakfast. But sheesh! What kind of mask

The 28 year old virgin – humiliating task submission

You know, there are certain things in this life that if not done early on become near enough impossible to achieve. Driving Riding a bike Learning a new language Backpacking across Europe.... There must be tonnes. But sex? Woooow To be a 28 year old virgin must surely be a near enough impossible thing to

Prissy sissy humiliating task submission

This is a prissy sissy slave submission. She had the sense to wear Mistress's favourite colour, but needs a bit of extra help with the posing and the slight excess hair thing... But she got the colour right. Right?

Get your greens in! Humiliating task submission

I loved seeing this innovative little twist on my humiliating task assignment as interpreted by this slave. I mean, after all art should imitate life. And for the life of me I don't know which hole he inserted this particular bit of green into. Still, whatever floats his boat right?