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Work and that

Home/Work and that

Site sale starts soon!

Just 2 more days to go... What better way to start your April? No April fool's prank! To celebrate our first month officially back online we are having a massive site sale on image sets and audio files! The average saving is at least 20% with some image sets going for as little as £1.99!!!!

Sheer Exhaustion… and joy!!!!

Right!!!! I'm done for today! You know, the great thing about doing something that no one has ever done before is that it is such a frikking rush! when you see what you have been picturing in your mind start to take shape. The terrible thing about doing something that has never been done before

Forward movement wahey!!!

Work.. Or a beast like it... So today tech slave floated by to help me out with the site. You know, when I tell you that I hate working on creating the site I doubt you realise just how deep that hatred goes.... I have been on the pro circuit now since 2011. Not a

Working hard? Or hardly working… I never quite know which

Today I had a shoot with Kinky Mistresses website at my home. I have worked for them a fair bit over the last few years and I love the creativity as well as the drive of the guys behind it. They are uber professional and highly skilled. Talent such as the Germans' is pretty much