Short term or long term chastity play? I’m sure if you’ve ever dabbled with this kind of stuff you will understand how incredibly erotic it is for both parties. So you can probably appreciate how it feels from a personal relationship point of view, but what would a Domme get out of it you might wonder?

Of course I can only speak for myself, so this will not be indicative of the thoughts of my sister-Dommes.

But here are three short reasons why I think chastity play is seriously hot:

1. It is the greatest sacrifice a slave can make for me. To give up his most primal urge and desire to release a load in order to show me that I reign most supreme in his world. I feel this is one of the most complete displays of servitude possible. After all we know just how much men think about sex (supposedly every seven seconds) and to consciously squash those thoughts is apparently a gargantuan task. I love it.

2. I love inflicting pain and discomfort. Sadist at heart, what can I say. When a man is in chastity he very quickly finds out just how sexual our world can be. But even if he manages to scale through the 3 am morning wood moments, and resist the constant visual cues coming from the rest of the world, he still has to report to his Mistress for feedback sessions. And if I find he is starting to become accustomed to the zen like state of no erections, I am strangely motivated to sexualise our communication. Dropping in verbal and physical cues and flirting like crazy, pulling him into me using all his traitorous senses. I love to see men squirm in agony.

3. A word. Priapism:

(pathology) prolonged painful erection of the penis, caused by neurological disorders, obstruction of the penile blood vessels, etc (*source*

There is a reason I have a 6 week probationary period chastity-device free. Especially for my persistent wankers suddenly coming from several tugs a day to none can be more than their body bargained for. What’s more, knowing that their release is really in their own hands. But their sense of loyalty to me means they cannot touch even though they are really dying to do so. Think of a shopping addict with a limitless credit card in their hands but they can’t spend a penny on it.

The chastity slave’s mind runs fucking riot! I love this! Hearing about how they wake up dry humping their bed, how they are catching sneaky boners while working on something completely unsexy, how the voice message I left them sent their penis shooting up! And don’t even get me started on blue balls…

I mean seriously, what’s not to love?

mistress ava black