Knowing that your balls are fair and square in my vice-like grip?

That every day when you wake up you look at yourself in the mirror and try to chant that mantra bullshit about how you’re a man. And you’re strong, and you know just what you want from life. And that you’re in control….

Tell me does it?

Because deep down you and I both know what you are. You are a pussy. A sucker for this chocolate shake that is swirling around in your mind as you read this.

Be honest with yourself, you’ve bookmarked my blog haven’t you baby?

You’ve followed my tweets.

You’ve downloaded every video update of mine as it happens. You’ve even hazarded sending me an email just to see if I will respond.

From the moment your beady little eyes open till the minute you stroke your pencil prick at night you only have one thing on your mind….

Mistress Ava Black.

That’s right baby, sure sucks to be you right now. With your little schoolboy crush on the object of your desires. If I called you over right now to suck my lover’s sperm outta my snatch you’d fall over yourself for the opportunity wouldn’t you?


Well, let’s start with this shall we?

Imagine strong manly hands working their way up and down my brown curves. Kneading away at my beautiful soft skin. Gliding up and down my legs, skimming my round ass, working the kinks out of back. And then I turn over. Naked. And those same hands start to work their deliberate way across my breasts. Massaging, kneading, caressing, teasing…

Sounds good don’t it? It is! I love my masseuse!

Now pay for it! Use the link below.