April is just around the corner. And I want you to keep a note of some of the changes that are going on that will affect where I will be next month.

I will be offering Domination sessions in London, Scotland, and Dubai in April. London remains relatively flexible for sessions. Basically if you give me 24hrs notice I can easily fly or drive in depending where in the UK I am. Unless I am on tour in your city then I do require my sessions paid in advance.


I am cancelling my Thailand tour as I have an extended excursion to Aberdeen planned. I have therefore moved around my activities to accommodate this.

The G4AD party for April has been postponed too until the first Wednesday of May. Instead on the 1st I will be filming. So the April dates for my tours and parties now stands as follows:

Wednesday 1st – Filming date

Monday 6th – London tour date

Wednesday 8th to Tuesday 21 – Aberdeen tour

Friday 24th to Wednesday 29th – Dubai tour

If you are ever in any doubt about where I am, or wish to check if I am free on a day you wish to see me then check my Calendar page. From here you can send a booking request too.