I am now officially a Scottish Mistress lol!

I landed in lovely Aberdeen earlier this week, and having left England in the blistering almost summer sun it was a bit of a surprise to touch down to almost horizontal rain!

Ah well, no worries, because I fully intend to warm up the misery and add a touch of colour to the granite city and beyond with my special brand of Femdom!


Yes, Scotland is an extended break for me. After all I can work from anywhere so I thought why not come to Scotland and take the time to visit some of my slaves? Some of you have been following me since the very beginning and have always missed my previous flying visits.

So this time I have made sure to be here for long enough that you will be ‘touched’ by my presence no matter what. Here is my itinerary:

Aberdeen: 19th to 22nd June

Glasgow: 23rd to 25th June

Aberdeen: 26th to 29th June

Edinburgh: 30th June to 3rd July

Aberdeen: 6th July to 7th August

After this extended time away from home turf, I will no doubt be itching to return home. And I do not know when I will return, so this is an exclusive opportunity to gain an audience with me on your doorstep.

Now, while I will be accepting same day appointments I do not recommend that you wait till the very last minute to book me. I chronically hate answering my phone at the best of times, so email is the best way to reach me anyway. And then you might run the risk that some other better prepared slave has already occupied my time, so Mistress cannot see you.

I therefore highly recommend you book my time with at least 24hrs notice. Prepay me? Then you will guarantee that I will block out that time and space and make it a protected time for us to get the most out of each other. Delicious!

I have brought the infamous catsuits in PVC, some leather clothing, some PVC and also leather boots, and my delicious strapons and leather straps and tawses. Of course I want to make this a trip to remember for both of us. So make sure you verbalise any hidden dirty desires to see if I cater for them. I probably do 😉

So my pet….

See you in Scotland!