It’s been a while since I blogged, and as you know I have been deliciously busy finishing off the 1,000 clip challenge and visiting my pets worldwide. I’ve also been working on an audio erotica project that you can fund through my Patreon page.

Remember I am as always still available for outcalls to Europe at short notice, and further afield with a bit more planning. Just book me through my PA on

Now I have been working on my Patreon erotica project. More details are in the video below. 

In summary I will be working on writing and recording erotica scripts of Femdom and kinky stories. I will be first of all extracting the audio from some of my more recent POV clips that work well as audio files. Then I will be converting existing erotica into audio erotica. After this I will be writing short stories to convert to audio. 

This is all with my slaves and fans worldwide who have requested that I make this option available over the years. I have quite simply not had the time to do all the things I want to do due to life restrictions. Simply put. But when one of my slaves told me about crowdfunding through Patreon I thought that would be brilliant! 

You can help by being a sponsor on my page.

Donations start at only $1 per month and you can contribute for just a month or on an ongoing basis. I have tiered goals I hope to reach, and with each one I can then devote more time to writing and producing audio as well as visual erotica. As I explain in my other YouTube videos on this topic I also want to become qualified in Hypnotherapy if I meet the $5000 tier in the New Year so I can also add hypnosis scripts to the mix!

All fun stuff!

Now prove your worth to me and start donating now.