Have you heard that song by Salt n Pepa?

“What in the world is that thing?
Do you need some tweezers to put that little thing away
That has got to be the smallest dick
I’ve ever seen in my whole life
I have ever seen in my whole life
Get the fuck outta here

Iny weeny teeny weeny
Shriveled little short dick man”

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Yeah you know the one I mean!

Don’t nobody want none of that in their life!

I guess when you are a certain size you learn very quickly how to be a master of writing really teeny tiny words.

Let’s clarify. 

He measured in centimetres, not inches. Classic tiny peepee fallback. Because in centimetres your meagre five inches becomes fourteen.

How about we flip that. Because my biggest bull is fourteen inches. Which is about thirty five centimetres. More than twice your size boi!

Then the writing Ava Black in blocky text gives the viewer the illusion that he actually has some kind of size to him. Nuh uh!

Nice try bozo. 

Small cock master!

short dick man