Yo fuckers!

I’m going to Dubai in a fortnight!

201307 Dubai d

Last time I was there I had the most unbelievable time EVER!!!

From the shopping sprees to long lazy days sleeping and being pampered, followed by sunsets in the sea before having relaxing evenings enjoying delicious organic food. The sheer wastefulness and spend spend spend culture made my little clitty tingle ten times over! I could very happily live there!

My friends who live there loved showing me off and loved hearing all my stories of how I was draining worthless fuckers from all around the world so my trip was nicely funded and I could pick up the tab for like… everything!

Anyway bitch.

I’m going back there beginning of August and you are up for your turn to shine.

Send me my¬†shopping spree tributes to the address on my site or email them across to me. I’m waiting…




201307 Dubai h



I need bitch boys to tribute me so I have a nice fat wallet to spend spend spend in the sunshine!

I want to buy loads and loads of gold while I am out there as well, plus of course I need to have my massages and beauty treatments on tap so I remain as flawless as I am now.

You will pay for it. Use the ‘Tribute’ link below.


clipvia tribute button tribute-257px

If you live in Dubai you can also make an application to take me shopping while I am out there. Cash handover appointments are also available, just ask me how. If you are really really good I might even consider tolerating your presence for longer than all of 5 seconds.

But your wallet has to be really healthy for me to bat an eyelid and put up with your loser stink!

Email me on ava@strictblackmistress.com


and meet me in Dubai.