I love cuckolds.

Anyone who can bravely embrace cuckoldom is just fine in my books.

In case you don’t know what it means it is pretty simple. Cuckoldom is the state of being a cuckold. Quite simple right? Only it is not so simple.

In fact I can think of no other thing that is more challenging or thrilling than accepting that you fantasise about the object of your affection being rodgered stupid by a superior male. After all isn’t the whole human predisposition that of self-preservation? And for the male that constitutes a strong desire to pass on his genes. How can he possibly ensure this if he allows another male to actively breed with his mate?

I first came across it when I was twenty-two and I was dating a Nigerian guy. He was the cuckold… I know… strange.

He was intensely jealous too. But nothing turned him on more than when I flirted dangerously with other guys. It progressed of course until the fantasies strongly featured scenes of me approaching his friends for sex behind his back. Only of course he would know about it all. And then of course this naturally ended with me actually engaging in trysts with them. Only he knew all about it of course. Seriously hot!


I can count on (two fifths of) one hand the number of times I have been monogamous in a romantic relationship. One of my exes used to say I was too much for one man, but not enough for two. Unbeknownst to him, I was fucking five guys at the time. Effortlessly. The revolving door concept was strong within me.

I attract guys who have a strong desire to serve me on this level, and so I have allowed for this within my Domination life only to those I feel a sense of chemistry with. While sex is never the ultimate goal of Female Domination, I am an intensely sexual person. But within the world of training slaves into accepting cuckoldom, I am more of a sexual sadist. I love seeing the gradual breaking down of their boundaries. I love to mould them into what I desire. I love to see them gradually become more and more subservient, doing things and acting in ways that are more pleasing to my experience of the sexual act with a more Dominant and often more well-endowed man.

Now, how I practise that? Well, just keep this blog bookmarked. I will be sharing more details with you soon enough.