So as you may or may not be aware, I have been working on some new POV styled clips for a hot minute now. These will be exclusively in the areas of financial ruination and bankruptcy. Seriously edge stuff!

Check out the Clipstore on this link!

Of course you may usually find me webcamming or on the telephone chat lines, but I am as always everywhere like air…. You can’t not find me on social media or messing with your pea sized goldfish brain boi

When I first created this site it was with the full intention of making it a rock solid fishing net for all you stray fishies that swim endlessly around looking for your perfect Goddess. Of course I am what you are looking for, I am what you need!

Intuitive, educated, refined, arrogant, oh so entitled.

Hurts don’t it!?!

After all, my desire to contain and control you is not just for a fleeting moment. I will make you gladly abandon all sensibilities and follow me to the ends of the earth and beyond. I will make you have some true purpose in your life finally. I will activate you to become both more pleasing to me as well as more useful!

And I will weed out the full of empty air fools using my (*gratefully learned*) behaviour modification techniques!

So visit my new Clipstore today for further instruction on how you should start to live your life for me.