Gay for a Day parties are my exciting new introduction for 2015.

These parties will be on the first Wednesday of every month during the daytime only.

These will be in Central London, venue will only be revealed to paid and confirmed attendees.

Make sure to secure your place well in advance by emailing me on

How they came about?

It has now been 4 colourful years since I took the decision to become a Domme. In many ways I am still the awestruck girl who fell straight into the candy shop of adult delights. But in a lot of ways I have grown and matured. I know what I like, I know what gets me hot under the collar and am no longer apologetic to myself for being such a perverted sod.

Feminisation and chastity were always things that featured highly on my list of kinks and perversions. Something about knowing that you can command and control the libido of the male are amazingly delicious things for my mind. I played around with this a lot, and the natural progression for containing and restraining the libido became about reshaping my slaves into something more amusing to me.

I then played around a lot with sexuality and expressions of it. Especially for the guys who were reluctant or hesitant about issues such as prostate massage or anal stretching, it became a huge mindfuck to battle with their inner limitations in an effort to prove their loyalty to me. But once those battles were won – in my favour of course – they soon realised the many joys of the male G-spot. And like little kiddies in a candy store, they were on a magical ride! Literally.

I realised that I had always had an ongoing fantasy that I was trying to recreate. I discovered this during a very innocent conversation with a slave in fact. But that fantasy is to have a sissified slave of mine serving a male and a ladyboy. Without getting into too many details the fantasy ends up with a truly delicious three-way that still has my head spinning every time I think of it!

I have to recreate that this year!

It was only when I was mulling things over in 2014 and wondering what things I would like to do for 2015 that I realised:

– a lot of guys who approach me are strapon sluts. Hey, I look good with a strapon. And I can use it.

– my cuckolding Domination sessions took off in a big way! Maybe because I have buckets of enthusiasm for training slaves to be better selfless cucks, or because my slaves really enjoy drinking from the creamy chalice? I don’t know…

– I love seeing first timers suck a cock. The expressions on their faces and the reactions are priceless. Similar to my first time strapon guys. So many notches, not enough bedpost space…. tsk tsk tsk

– I still! want to see my fantasy scenario played out. I’ve really had no luck so far, and that is probably because of the costs of bringing together such a situation. Because I’m not going for an obligatory on the knees and lick gingerly. I really want a full on gay-a-thon situation. A complete wipe down of constructed self and just embracing my direction. That takes time. And most of you cheapskates want only an hour *and run off into the distance giggling*

I mulled it over some more.

Then I met a total slut! while I was in Thailand. This was a married guy, good dad, hard working. Alpha male and pretty successful too.

But within 10 minutes of him walking through the front door he was sucking cock like a champ! My slave boy couldn’t help but to bust a serious nut in his face! He then bent over and took a good dicking like a pro! Loved it loved it loved it! I was literally soaking at the end of the session. So much so that I had to ride his face and make him see to it that I joined in on the fun. He did not disappoint!

This session reawakened my desire to see my fantasy and more come to life. So I stopped procrastinating and decided to do it!

And so the gay for a day parties concept was borne.

To book your place at one of these parties email me on

These parties will be a comfortable, kinky, yet non-judgmental opportunity for guys of all sexual identities to come and experience the part of themselves they know is there.

You know how they say sometimes boys have crushes on male friends but it means nothing? Mmmm, some guys that I speak to confess that those crushes and feelings never really went away. They just learnt to cloak them.

Maybe you’re conflicted as you identify as alpha male and these fantasies are totally taboo to you? Don’t worry, get on your knees and put a cock in your mouth. Your perspective will change dramatically.

Maybe you have been taking the strapon from the wife/gf/Mistress but are really desperate to have the real thing? Swing on down and hop on a good one!

Maybe, just maybe, you have fucked around with guys already and don’t consider it a thing… But want to try something different out with kinky like-minded individuals?

Maybe you are just an unashamed passive or active slut and you want the opportunity to swing that sausage around for all to see? We’d love to see you!

*NB* These are play parties and not just get together talks. There will be play involved. But always safety first. Necessary items will be provided.

The parties will be intimate, so numbers will be strictly controlled.

Tickets are priced at £150 payable in advance, and include refreshments (not of the spunky kind either).

Contact me first prior to purchasing your ticket. That way I can tell you what availability exists as well as having a preliminary discussion with you to see if the parties will be suitable to you.

DO read this page entirely.

DON’T demonstrate idiocy by asking me things I have mentioned on here already. You will just not be allowed to attend then.

DO be ok with things like:

– kissing

– nudity around other men

– being intimate with other men

– being subservient to Mistresses or Masters in attendance. There is a hierarchy that will be respected or you get thrown out and banned.

To book your place at one of these parties email me on

What the cocking you waiting for?!?!?