With just under ten hours to go before the Mistress Ava Black site sale starts, we hope you are getting yourself ready for the bombardment of fresh savings that you can find only on here!

At least 90% of the image sets hosted through this site cannot be found ANYWHERE else on the internet!

You understand?


They can only be found on this site.

Mistress makes it a point to keep you close to heart and make sure you come to the one place where you can get your kicks.

So here are a few things you will need to prepare yourself for what will most likely be an anatomy-stretching evening ahead…

1. A bottle of lube. If you can find one with added aloe vera this is a bonus. Very soothing, especially with the heat some of these nude pictures will throw at you!

2. Facial tissue. Double entendre…

3. Liquid refreshment. After all you will be ‘working hard’ in your study for a while.

Enjoy your evening in!


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