Ok, so every once in a while I get slaves who contact me – buzzing about like the incessantly irritating pests that they are – wanting to attract my attention.

wailing slaves get humiliating tasks from mistress ava blackSodding irritating!

You know who you are!

You have no discernible skill, you have no disposable funds to pamper me! And you certainly have no personality! Otherwise you would not be irritating all and sundry with your whining and begging. Guess who has a begging fetish!?!?! YOU!

So let’s put it to good use.

Periodically I will throw out some humiliating tasks instructions for idiots just like you to undertake. Follow the instructions on these tasks specifically. Don’t be sending me random images or unsolicited emails or I will sodding block you and put you on all my friends’ timewasters lists!

If I find you particularly pathetic you will go straight into my slave spotlight. If you are especially ridiculous I might just blog about you. Maybe… If I can be arsed.

Oh, and once your pathetic arse is up on my site it is not coming down. So don’t indulge your begging fetish by spewing up my inbox….