Entertain me slave!

You will need:

– Your camera to take selfies

– Your credit card

– This link:



The game:

1. Strip down naked.

2. Find a clear spot  in the middle of the room.

3. Spin around in a circle really fast 10 times.

4. Send a tribute of $100.

5. Spin around really fast 20 times.

6. Send a tribute of $50.

7. Spin around really fast 30 times.

8. Send a tribute of $200.

9. Spin around really fast 40 times.¬†(you might feel the urge to hurl right about now. Don’t!)

10. Send a tribute of $50.

11. Spin around really fast 50 times.

12. Send a tribute of $500.


Now take a selfie. Mid spin or not doesn’t matter lol. Send it to me at ava@strictblackmistress.com

Tell me where you pussied out in your game.