My Prada flats have been tramping me through some great spots this month. Not least is my love for all things practical and yet strangely sexy. As always, thanks to my findom slaves I found myself in Selfridges. My gift cards are mounting up almost as fast as I can spend them. Keep the love flowing, I love to squirt all over the shopping whirlwind trips I go on every week! I’m insatiable!!!

I want more!

I found this range by Diane von Furstenberg. Very twee, but also casual enough in a formal way. Believe me the items look better on than they do on the site. I have looked at the website, and even I was like meh! But all I know is I want at least 3 full outfits so I can get my li’l miss quaint on! And guess who’s going to get them for me!?!?!? YOU!

So do it. NOW