Just sitting at home recovering from a cold. Not suffering, I am a Domme! I never suffer! Hahahaha

yeah, whatever.

And I am just wondering as I always do about life.

Now I know what I am looking for in this existence. And in terms of the fetish side of life that is a huge looking for kink go on kink sites and places where kinky people hang out so I can meet likeminded people.

So imagine my surprise when I was on a conventional dating site and I got an email from a guy waxing on lyrical about how attractive he found me. And how he had always fantasised about powerful Ebony women since he was a boy. And he was looking for a Dominant female to take him over the knee and give him a good spanking!

I was floored!!! Why would someone go on a normal dating site and send an unsolicited request like that to someone?

Thinking maybe it was just me, or just maybe a slave who had spotted me from another existence, I mentioned it to a friend of mine who doesn’t know what I do. She laughed and shared her own story. She had been on a website for NSA relationships. She wanted to get laid. And didn’t want any complications or having to deal with serious convos afterwards.

But she had kept getting all these guys asking her for serious relationships, wanting more than a quick fix. Apparently one guy had even launched into a string of abuse about how she was selling herself short. Kinda like guy walks into strip club and asks the girls what nice girls like them are doing in a dump like that….

So what is it? Are men hardwired to dish out the bullshit!?!?!?!? I mean, if you are looking for milk you don’t walk into a hardware store and then get pissed off when you can’t find it do you?!?!?!

Thick or what?