feet my fetish cover image Mistress Ava Black

I am seriously excited! I am fresh back from my holidays just about and I am pleased to let you know that I have indulged my favourite fetish… FEET!

My only constraint has been getting the videos uploaded quickly enough! I never knew I could have so much fun with feet and all sorts of things! So far I have managed to get a variety of videos up already. I hope you enjoy them. Some of them are playful! Some of them are evil me! And some are just me teasing you horny feet fetishists out there. From shoes, to food, to dirty talk, to smoking… I am having a helluva fun time doing these!

There are more on the way, I am editing and uploading as we speak!

As always you can buy your favourite clips, or you can join as a member and save an absolute fortune!!!!! You will be getting weekly updates at least of these cutesy tootsies!

And…. Until January 2013 I am freezing membership at $14.95 a month. This is a time limited offer remember. So when the new year hits and I have a bunch more vids up it will go up…. Unless you kiss my feet and beg really nicely hahaha

So when you have the chance to go ahead and visit the store on Clips4Sale.

Hope you like the clips! Mwah!