There was a little boy.

Who lived in a magical land far far away. And when he was little he would often ask his father what he would be when he grew up. And his father would laugh his hearty laugh and say,

“Whether you grow to be an astronaut, a deep sea diver, or an explorer who discovers lands near and far… I know, you will be the best you can be at it.”

And that little boy would frown and hit his daddy’s arm and laugh. His daddy always spoke in riddles, like all the grownups he knew. So, one day the little boy was all grown up.

And he realised that he was doing all the things that made him smile. And made him afraid, and made him feel like he needed to learn more. But he still felt like he had not done anything that he was absolutely brilliant at.

And then he discovered Mistress Ava Black.

And he discovered that he really actually loved being humiliated and subjugated by this selfish ebony female.

And the little boy – who was by now a big man- decided that he had finally found something that he was really really good at. And something that made him feel as though he was doing his absolute best at it. Because, even though his Mistress was demanding, and bossy, and selfish, she kept him on his toes. And helped him remember that deep down inside he was still that little boy looking for his true calling in life.


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