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Our products and services are directed to adults who possess validated credit card information, and are not marketed to individuals under the age of eighteen (or twenty one years old where eighteen is not the age of majority). Whilst the site contains content that is deemed to be suitable for an audience above the age of eighteen this content is not available for public consumption. It is only available after customers make a confirmed sale. For those portions that may be accessible to individuals under the age of eighteen such as the home page and other areas, the website does not aim to collect any personally identifiable information (that is, name, address, telephone number, or email address) from individuals under the age of eighteen (or twenty one years old where eighteen is not the age of majority).

Privacy Policy

Your privacy and security are very important to us. Due to the nature of this site we understand that certain issues of access might exist for our customers that do not for more ‘vanilla’ sites. Certain information you input during making purchases such as credit cards, any private identifying information, addresses, and real names are always kept strictly confidential. We are registered under the Data Protection Act as a data controller. Any information inputted in the sales process is encrypted.

We use a secure payment gateway that will request your details for the purpose of completing your purchase. They do not share your details with us.

We highly recommend that you also take certain simple measures that will further safeguard your online security and privacy:
– Consider creating and using an email address that does not contain identifying information such as your first or last name, date of birth, or location.
– Consider having an email address that is separate from your work or personal one.
– Take the time to create a secure password and consider changing this regularly. 60 to 90 days.
– Create a username that does not directly identify you where possible.

When you interact with other members of this site you are in full control of what information you wish to share with them. Your nickname is publicly visible, but you can control what images you populate to the site, as well as what information about yourself you share. Remember, the internet allows people to cloak their identity for a reason. Always assume that the other person is doing so and it should help you determine how much personal information you choose to share with them.

Online Security

When you make a purchase or join the site as a member, we aim to keep your data secure and collect only enough personal data as to enhance your experience of the site.

In order to complete a purchase through the site we require that you register as a member to the site. This helps you to be able to keep track of your purchase as well as to reduce the time it takes to make any future purchases. At this time you are required to create a unique username and password which you must keep a note of in order to log onto the site again.

When you make a purchase this information is entered onto the database of our secure payment gateway provider. This is through the use of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology which is encrypted in order to prevent unauthorised access by a third party of your personal information. It protects user information using both server authentication and data encryption, making sure your data is only available to authorised persons.

The Mistress Ava Black site is backed up daily on a secure server. Our hosting package includes virtual support to ensure the site is available to you at all times with minimal interruption to your user experience where possible. If you have difficulties accessing the site then make a note of this email address and notify the webmistress immediately:

Data Collection

When you browse the site, our servers store your IP address information. This is only for keeping track of ratings in order to generate proper recommendations.

The password you create for your account is encrypted using SSL technology. This means that no one except yourself will be able to access your password.

When purchasing products, information including the first and last names, emails, billing address, and cc info may be collected. This information is for billing purposes only. Your information is not stored on the web server and is lost immediately after the transaction completes. The email that you use for your purchase is stored within a user profile that you create. Providing your email will allow electronic content such as files purchased to be delivered via a link sent in an email.

When you purchase a physical product, your address details are collected only for the purpose of completing the purchase and shipping your product to you. Your details are not stored on the server and are disposed of once your product has dispatched. Your address and personal details are not used for any other purpose.

What we use it for

Any data we collect is for the use of the Mistress Ava Black website and is not shared, sold, or rented with any outside parties unless required by law.

Where we are legally compelled to do so; at the request of governmental authorities conducting an investigation, to verify or enforce compliance with the policies governing our website and applicable laws, regulatory bylaws, or to protect against misuse or unauthorized use of our website and strictly for the operational purposes – we will make the necessary information available to support the requirements of the law.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy then do not hesitate to contact the webmistress on