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Pipinna Minutus – Dicklet Training Course Lesson 5

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pma lesson 5

Pipinna Minutus – Dicklet Training Course Lesson 5

£9.99 "inc.Vat"

Experience a tailor-made journey into sph for you dicklets spoken as if from your own mouth.

Mistress has been toying with all you tiny ””””””””shroom boys for years now, and she sees your pathetic wimpy pain. Telling it to you as it is, from personal experience as well as from the point of view of a Domme, take a seat in the corner as you cower at the cold harsh truth slicing through you like a knife.

Who knows you? Mistress Ava Black does…

Product Description

Contains 11:55 minutes of audio training.

In today’s class you will learn how to conduct a tried and tested willy lengthening exercise. But first I will cover the anatomy of the male wonka. Even you tiny fricks have the basic anatomy, just on a microscopic scale. So you will want to listen and see this lesson as it explains some crucial things you need to know before you commence any dick lengthening training.

Might even want to plug in micropenis size earphones so you can catch every last bit of the valuable lesson too aye?


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