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The waxing challenge – Humiliating Task

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The waxing challenge – Humiliating Task

£4.99 "inc.Vat"

Humiliating tasks for extra hairy slaves. 

Successful completion of this task could get you over an hour complimentary talk time with me. But this is only if you complete it exactly the way I describe it in the package, with video or picture evidence. Can you say ’40 year old virgin’? Woooo woooo woooo yaaaah!!!!!

Take this hard – level 3 – humiliation task for me. The best submissions will be posted on the site’s blog.

Product Description


Instructions for a particularly intense humiliating task for extra hairy slaves. Instructions are very specific, and I need you to complete the tasks as I set them otherwise you forfeit. This task is definitely not for the faint hearted, hence the sweetened deal right at the end.

After all, you do want to please me and show me that you can handle any humiliating task I set for you don’t you boi?

Level of hardness: hard


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