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Website viewing toll

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Website viewing tax for money mistress ava black

Website viewing toll

£10.00 "inc.Vat"

Well, this site ain’t gonna keep itself looking sexy is it?


Product Description

One thing I love about this great nation is its response to most of the things that trouble us.

You can almost always guarantee that if something needs fixing in this country as a whole someone is going to come up with a sexy new tax or levy the masses to finance the masses.

You know you’re here because you’re curious about what I have to offer. Maybe you have come here to try and be a copycat Domme. Or you have fallen in love with me (male or female I don’t care) and wanted to feed your daily lust for me.



All I know is that since you are here you are going to do one thing for me. One thing.

You are going to pay this website viewing toll.

Because even if I never find out anything about you, or find you interesting, I am going to forever revolutionise your world!

Face it.

I’m kinda several levels of awesome!

Pay up pay up!


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