Find out if you are the right Financial Domination slave for Mistress Ava Black.

Thank you for taking this quiz. It should take you about five minutes. It is mostly multiple choice or making a selection by ticking a box. At the end you will get your results. You can take it as many times as you like and see if your answers change over time.

I have savings of:
I am happy to send Mistress money or gifts; or provide services that I have skills for without expecting anything in return.
Imagine you have £1,000 disposable income this month. What would your first thought be about how you spend it:
When I wake up in the morning the first thing I think about is:
(Tick all that apply) The following statements are true of me:
In Financial Domination what could the term tribute refer to?
I want to be completely rinsed/left bankrupt by a Financial Domination Mistress:
I like a Mistress who acknowledges the sacrifice that I put into sending her money. But takes my money anyway:
I enjoy when Mistress has to chase me every time tribute time is due. If she chases me hard enough I might just give her a bit of change.
Pictures of Mistress looking amazing make me weak.
A man’s worth is measured by what money he makes. It is also measured by his values and aspirations.
In my opinion when I hear of the fetish Financial Domination I think this is:
It is cheaper to serve a Financial Domination Mistress than it is to pay for sessions:
A woman must always work hard to get my money.
Financial Domination Mistress is just another fancy term for golddigger.

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