I’m back

Just when your bitch arses thought you could catch an unregulated fart without my permission huh?

Now did you really think I would let you off that easily!?!?!? Here piggy piggy piggy. All you money pigs need to get here now!

I fucking loved Thailand!

Fuck me Sally!!!! I need to relocate. Some seriously beautiful freaks out there <3 <3 <3

And real men who understand that the true worth of a slave only lies in how much he can tribute his Mistress. Real slaves do real things. Made me sooo deliciously lazy…. Hardly lifted a finger even to wipe my own arse crack. And shit still got done!

Which brings me to this next thing!

All you money pigs need to report to me – your Supreme Commander – on Monday. That’s next Monday. In Central London. With your tribute.

You might get 5 minutes of my time, you might get 4hrs.

Who knows?


The only thing that dictates that is the size of your tribute and how generous I am feeling on the day. Brownie points go to really devoted looking boys, punishments for hungry bozos who think they’re going to get something for nothing.

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