Oh the excitement!!!!

I’m back in England and I have been catching up with all you lovely bois and girls as you work hard to make my return interesting.

And I have been talking to Master Black Man Pole who is a seriously gorgeous and sexy fuck buddy of mine and we are ready to start filming some of our bisexual Domination exploits for our devoted bois and girls.

We decided that this Saturday the 1st of August would be a great start to go ahead and offer sessions that would put smiles on all our faces.

We are available for sessions in Central London to serious applicants only.

If you normally struggle to pay the £400 for our session rate this is a great time to session with us for a fraction of the price.

If you are fine with being filmed for a forced bi theme video then we are charging only £150 per hour. If you don’t want to be filmed then it’s the regular £400 an hour.

You won’t be disappointed. He is a lovely warm guy with a similarly evil and sadistic streak. We get along great, and our energy together is scarily predatory. Such a fucking rush!

Discreet enough to look like a normal couple on the streets but depraved enough to have you gagging and slipping and sliding on some yummy brown cock and stretching all your holes!

We will be offering:

– bisexual Domination

– classic Domination

– cuckold Domination

– face sitting

– god/goddess worship

Limits and interests catered to.

Email me on ava@strictblackmistress.com to book your place now.