Mistress Ava Black

SSince the very beginning I have been pursued by various slaves all with the same question: am I looking for a 24/7 slave? Or a personal slave? Or even a sex slave?
Can I make one thing clear – you have to be absolutely unique and oh so special for me to consider you as a regular Domestic or gardener or admin slave. I have a very different way of doing things and I expect a certain level of commitment as well as seriousness from someone who wants to be a part of my bigger picture.

For far too long I have been plagued by punters posing as slaves literally barking commands like petulant little children. Yes, we know you have a penis, and yes we know when that little button of yours starts to warm up you get very anxious and fidgety. But frankly my dear I don’t see how what goes on in your trousers is any of my concern? The only thing I want in all honesty is to lock your cock away for as long as possible so that all that nervous energy is focused towards something that better serves me. Just a fact.

I am not in the habit of doing things simply for the sake of doing what everyone else does. So don’t even come at me with statements like other Dommes have gladly used your services or you have served several Mistresses in the past year or whatever! Every part of who I am is unlike anything you have ever come across to date. Many people out there live their lives worrying how other people perceive them. I live my life for me. Become my personal slave and discover more about me while discovering yourself.

I reserve the right at all times to refuse applications if the chemistry is not right.

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Mistress Ava Black

CCuckolding is a lifestyle for me.

Ever since I discovered it when I was 22 and dating a lovely Nigerian guy – who turned out to be a cuck by the way, not a bull – I have been fascinated by the endless possibilities and trouble I could get myself into.

While my Domination preferences are around controlling and containing the male libido, in my personal relationship we play regularly with exhibitionism and public shows of affection. Chastity and tease and denial is a very big thing in my relationship, and my partner and I both feel that this has added an element of excitement and new-ness to things. Choice? Or no choice? Some of the things I have heard revolve around how individuals feel overwhelmed by sexual stimulus, and the increasing availability of highly sexualised content that has been researched to cater to niche upon multi-niche of desire often sends them spiralling down a route of addiction to the buzz that the pleasure rush brings them.

Contact me to explore whether this is the right path for you.

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Double and group domination

SSometimes 3 or more is a fun crowd that you want to be a part of…. I session with other Dommes/Doms as detailed on this page. Click on their image for more details on the individual. Allow at least 48hrs notice and a preliminary email to me before paying for a session. for a more satisfying session. After all, that inner slut is just begging to be let out.

If you are new to BDSM please realise that even though some of the play we engage in might seem unusual, we do not actively seek to seize control of people’s lives or engage in activities without their prior consent. Boundaries are agreed before play commences. Play safe. Play sane

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Extended sessions with Mistress Ava Black

II love extended sessions, as they give me the opportunity to get deep inside my slaves’ minds and mindfuck them until they let go and embrace sub space. My engagement style I am now offering extended Domination sessions at my home in North Kent.

Maybe this is you:
– you do not want to session from a Dungeon.
– your particular kink interests do not necessarily need the acoutrements found in the average Dungeon.
– maybe you live in Kent – and like me – are fed up of making the long trek to London to get your freak on. Never mind; the fact is that I am international but very local to you. And just as acerbic whilst in North Kent as I am whilst travelling across Europe.
– You might even just really enjoy the domestic setting and the realism that this offers for whatever reason. My house is a cosy family home that is an inviting escape from the worries of the world. Still very kinky. Fetish friendly household, domestic kinky bliss

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to spend a relaxed time with me.

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Fly me to your location

II LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel!!!!!
I cannot even begin to tell you just how much I love jumping into aeroplanes and jetting off to different locations around the world.
I love my city breaks, I love my holidays off the beaten path, and I just love discovering new cultures and ways of life.
Thanks to the beauty of modern technology you can now make yourself useful and fund a trip aboard for me.
Maybe you want to accompany me on this trip as my personalised human cashpoint? Or you want to show me your city as my personal tour guide?
Whatever it is the possibilities are quite literally endless.
I am available to travel around Europe with short notice. Further afield requires a bit more planning. pay the full flight and accommodation fee for myself in advance and have provided me evidence of it!

I will not travel unless all travel and accommodation have been catered for.

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