I’m done for today!

You know, the great thing about doing something that no one has ever done before is that it is such a frikking rush! when you see what you have been picturing in your mind start to take shape.

The terrible thing about doing something that has never been done before is that there is no reference point to determine how well you could do. It does scare me a lot actually. That I could actually be coming up with all this stuff and it will bomb horrendously. And after all the work I have put into coming up with my lickle terms of use and packaging my training programmes up so they come out in a timely fashion and they are relevant to all of you.

But I guess that’s life.

Much like my writing, once I get an idea in my head and I need to see it come to fruition I cannot sleep properly or find peace of mind until I at least try. My mind is my Domme. And she is a tough bitch I’ll tell you that!

Anyway, she is temporarily abated. Today I have fed the beast.

These are the pages I managed to dive into blurb wise this weekend.

Cookies Policy

Copyright and DMCA

Delivery and Shipping

E-commerce Terms

Privacy Policy

Refunds Policy

Considering just how much I hate having to come up with potential case scenarios of putting these policies in practice this was pretty good of me I think. Add that to the fact that I was still on webcam chatting to punters while trying to find focus and you can appreciate how hard that was.

But last night I got such a boost. I was up till ridiculously late anyway. But then I managed to make £800 off webcamming! Fucking delicious! Was sitting here thinking if I manage to do £1k AND have written a privacy policy I am a beast!!!!

But then I missed that by about £200.

Pooh to that!

But joy oh joy to the rest!

And now…. bed!

Later I will put up the terms and conditions mmm….