Hello all

You might have noticed over the last couple of weeks that the site has been down intermittently and you might have been wondering what’s been going on?

First of all don’t worry too much! I’m here, and definitely not going anywhere for a hot minute! I’ve been upgrading servers to better suit the growing site. It is pretty big and full of loads of different content. As a result a shared package just wasn’t cutting it anymore. Also I wanted the pages to load faster so some optimisation has to be done. I’m putting this post up on what is now effectively the older site and letting you know what the changes are that will be happening shortly:
– site is moving. The domain name will remain the same and hopefully by the end of the week you will notice a new homepage layout. When you do this will be the newer site. Yay!
– site should load faster once the new one is up! Double yay!
– when you see the new homepage please feel free to start interacting and buying again. The hard work should be done by then.

mistress ava black facesitting a slave in clingfilm

What you can expect from the new site
As you know I am recording new audio files as well as repurposing videos to sell as mp3 files. This is especially useful if you are only able to listen to me at certain times of the day. These will be sold through the new site.
I am working on more humiliating tasks for sale and these will be on the new site too!

Plus of course all the fun blog stuff, loads of ways to tribute and spend on me, as well as book a chat with me online!

Thanks for hanging in there and look forward to wowing you in a few days xoxo
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