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ass worship

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The Estate Agent 2: Shoe worship and forced exercise

The Estate Agent is well and truly fucked up now! Now that Mistress has him exactly where she wants she is going to make sure she intensifies his training! She's not going to let this little gem get away too easily! So he is subjected to a face slapping and harsh degradation! The spit ball

Video update: Ass worship for losers

This worship clip was Number 2 bestselling clip in Ebony Female Domination category Loser boi! On your knees! Today you are going to worship and worship good. Like the little loser that you are, I am going to make you my obedient ass sniffing slut. I want you on your knees drinking in every inch

Video Update: Bubble butt crusher vs a pervy slave

Mistress Ava Black catches her dirty pervy slave perving on her videos online. In fact, the boi has managed to accumulate himself a nice healthy stash of Mistress wank fodder! That will never do! He's soon to find out just how difficult a lesson his Mistress is willing to teach stubborn horndogs like him... And

Video Update: slut for butt!

Drink in my delicious juicy bubble butt all over your hungry face! How can you be anything other than hopelessly addicted to what you truly desire? Slut for butt! - MP4