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black domination

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Saturday 1st bisexual Domination with Black Top Master Black Man Pole

Oh the excitement!!!! I'm back in England and I have been catching up with all you lovely bois and girls as you work hard to make my return interesting. And I have been talking to Master Black Man Pole who is a seriously gorgeous and sexy fuck buddy of mine and we are ready to

Domination Session Availability for Mistress Ava Black in London for August 2012

To all my submissives I am writing to let you know my next London session dates: I will be available for sessioning in Central London on the following dates Wednesday 8 August from 10 am to 7pm Wednesday 22 August from 12 noon to 7pm As always my sessions are strictly by appointment only, and

Why I feel black Women are so popular as Dominants – thoughts from a slave

I recently received this from a slave. I love the way it reads, what are your thoughts on it? Why I feel black Women are so popular as Dominants. Having been a natural believer in female supremacy for most of my life, the unique allure of serving a black Lady, to me, is the pinnacle