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Video Update: Ballbusting POV week 2

A tailormade castration Week 2 is here! And a sight earlier than you thought it was going to be. After all I should never be blamed for letting you get too comfortable now should I? I want you to take a look at my gorgeous PVC boots. You like them don't you? Mmmm, I bet

Master Black Man Pole is back! September 2nd filmed Domination sessions

Next Wednesday we will be having a filmed Domination day with Master Black Man Pole! You will remember him from other session days I have held with him as well as my Gay for a Day parties! For those of you that have met him you will surely agree that he is both firm yet

Video Update: Hurt your cock for me!

Lowly worm! I have devised a way in which you can be more amusing to me... I want you to hurt your cock for me... And I want you to do it in a very specific way... Why? Because you are pathetic. And you cannot resist me... Hurt your cock for me! MP4

Video Update: The penis was a pendulum

Mistress Ava Black and Lady Bellatrix take great pains in re-educating their captive slave in the fine art of lifting heavy loads with his cock. Watch as they remove him from his cage to receive his prolonged punishment on the cross. His cock swings low as they weight it down with cock weights. They see

Video Updates: Tuesday 29 May 2012

BallBusting the Pussy Part One- this is the mobile version for you to download to compatible mobile devices Mistress Ava Black has her hands on a long-haired slave. Very gorgeous and a saucy little minx. Mistress can hardly wait to get her hands on this one! The slave prepared, Mistress works her seductive magic on