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double domination

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TS Domination sessions on August 10th

On August 10th I will be in Central London with a friend of mine offering TS Domination themed sessions. Have you always craved submitting to a sexy woman packing some extra heat? Then you need to crawl your slutty little arse to us and prepare for a good ole roasting! All sessions are strictly by

Saturday 1st bisexual Domination with Black Top Master Black Man Pole

Oh the excitement!!!! I'm back in England and I have been catching up with all you lovely bois and girls as you work hard to make my return interesting. And I have been talking to Master Black Man Pole who is a seriously gorgeous and sexy fuck buddy of mine and we are ready to

Video Update: This is gonna cost you tiny pecker boi!

Up here squirt! Look at the rulers of your little world as they tower over you... Listen to our instructions as we give you the most attention you have received from females in a really long time... That make your little man-clit hard? We know. You're so easy you know that? Just so easy to

Video Update: The penis was a pendulum

Mistress Ava Black and Lady Bellatrix take great pains in re-educating their captive slave in the fine art of lifting heavy loads with his cock. Watch as they remove him from his cage to receive his prolonged punishment on the cross. His cock swings low as they weight it down with cock weights. They see

Video Update: Wax Work Bitch boi!

In this video update Mistress Ava Black and Goddess Cleo in an extended slave Domination session They make him worship their divine shoes and feet, bossing him around if he takes too long. Then it's time to turn him into a divine wax work...   Wax Work Bitch boi!