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ebony domination

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Psst! Oi!

You’ve been a good lickle dickie bird aint ya!?!?! Well I don’t think so, and last time I checked it was my opinion that counted. Not yours... So let’s do this shall we? It has come to my attention that you are fantasising about stuffing your sausage into my meat-packing factory. Well the only thing

Bah Humbug!

Fact! Mrs Clause here is not happy with you. Stuff my stocking slave. Do it here. Merry frappin’ Christmas!

Look into my eyes

There are a few sure things in this world. That you are curious where this link will take you is one of them. That I am curious how much I will see when I open my email is another thing. But that you will move me enough to acknowledge you? Well, I guess that is

Musings of an irritated FemBitch

Just sitting at home recovering from a cold. Not suffering, I am a Domme! I never suffer! Hahahaha yeah, whatever. And I am just wondering as I always do about life. Now I know what I am looking for in this existence. And in terms of the fetish side of life that is a huge

Behind the Scenes and Bloopers Video Updates this weekend for Mistress Ava Black

TGIF! And what a beautiful Friday it is looking like already... I was sitting at home sifting through all the stuff that I have done over the last coupla years... As you might know I have been filming now since August 2010. So that is now 2 WHOLE YEARS! since I started… It has been

New Foot Worship Clips4Sale Store Released Today!

I am seriously excited! I am fresh back from my holidays just about and I am pleased to let you know that I have indulged my favourite fetish… FEET! My only constraint has been getting the videos uploaded quickly enough! I never knew I could have so much fun with feet and all sorts of

Dumb slave posts pics of himself wearing women’s underwear online

Gawd love a duck! Now in this world there is special... And there is special... Like 'Special Needs' special. This guy just takes the biscuit and does an Olympian relay race all by himself..... He was literally begging to be humiliated, simple email reading "Please miss" Now, after I picked myself off the floor after

Domination Session Availability for Mistress Ava Black in London for August 2012

To all my submissives I am writing to let you know my next London session dates: I will be available for sessioning in Central London on the following dates Wednesday 8 August from 10 am to 7pm Wednesday 22 August from 12 noon to 7pm As always my sessions are strictly by appointment only, and

New Page Added – Ask a Dominatrix

I have just added a new page to this blog called Ask A Dominatrix. Here is the ‘blurb’ that comes with it... Now run along and ask me some questions! Can’t wait to hear them ;) Hello Have you got any questions you would like to ask a Professional Dominatrix? Maybe you are new to

Why I feel black Women are so popular as Dominants – thoughts from a slave

I recently received this from a slave. I love the way it reads, what are your thoughts on it? Why I feel black Women are so popular as Dominants. Having been a natural believer in female supremacy for most of my life, the unique allure of serving a black Lady, to me, is the pinnacle