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evil mistresses

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Big dick little dick small penis comparison humiliating task submission

There is just something about a big dick isn't there? I mean it makes small penis comparison even more exciting don't you think? Especially when the big dick small penis comparison is with a transgendered woman. Which is exactly what this submission is. Tiny dick slave who has the nerve to call himself a man

Video Update: You need to do better!

You know something... it pisses me off when I get LOSER tributes from bois that I know can do better... When I know that you have dug deep, but you can most definitely dig waaay deeper. Sending me chump change will get you punished where it hurts most! Your wallet! Oh... did you have to

Domination Session Availability for Mistress Ava Black in London for August 2012

To all my submissives I am writing to let you know my next London session dates: I will be available for sessioning in Central London on the following dates Wednesday 8 August from 10 am to 7pm Wednesday 22 August from 12 noon to 7pm As always my sessions are strictly by appointment only, and